آفتاب پنهان - An Inspiring Account of His Mercy
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  • ویژگی های جامعه منتظر ظهور منجی

    بشر از روزی كه پا به عرصه گیتی نهاده در آرزوی یك زندگی اجتماعی خوش و سعادت‌بخش است، و در راه رسیدن به آن تلاش و كوشش می‌كند و همیشه از جان و دل خواستار یك عصر درخشان و اجتماع صالحی است كه ظلم و تعدّی در آن نباشد....

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  • امام ، پناه از شیطان

    یکی از مهم ترین شؤون امام علیه السّلام که تأمین کننده‌ی اساسی ترین نیاز ما به ایشان است، ملجأ و پناه بودن امام علیه السّلام است...

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  • عرصه‌های مشترک عامه و خاصه در موضوع مهدویّت

    یکی از موارد اتفاقی بین شیعه و اهل سنّت در قضیه‌ی مهدویّت، اتفاق بر اصل آن است. امت اسلامی ـ به غیر از گروهی اندک از غربزدگان و روشنفکر نمایان مانند احمد امین مصری ـ بر این مسأله اتّفاق دارند که ...

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  • زن منتظر و منتظر‌پروری

    در طول تاریخ تشیع، یكی از نقش‌های بی‌بدیل زنان، دفاع از ولایت و تلاش برای حفظ این ارزش الهی بوده است، به ویژه در عصر غیبت كه تقریباً امكان ایفای نقش مردان برای دفاع از ولایت، به سبب اختناق شدید، كم‌رنگ بوده است، زنان، فعالانه برای حفظ فرهنگ مهدویت در جامعه نقش آفرینی كرده‌اند...

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  • ما بی صاحب نیستیم !

    آقای شیخ حیدرعلی مدرس اصفهانی فرمود: « یکی از مواقعی که من به حضور مقدس حضرت بقیة الله ارواحنا فداه ( یا یکی از اصحابشان ) مشرف شدم و ایشان را نشناختم، سالی بود که اصفهان بسیار سرد شد و نزدیک پنجاه روز آفتاب دیده نمی شد و مدام برف می بارید. سرما بحدی شد که نهرهای جاری یخ بسته بود. ...

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An Inspiring Account of His Mercy
To keep this booklet short and concise, we will mention only one interesting and inspiring account of those who were subjected to Imam Al-Mahdi’s [swt] mercy since they implored his help. Mohammad Mohammadi Ishtihardi, in his book “Omide Sahyistigan,” or the Hope of the Believers, relates the story of a respected, well-mannered young man who studied at an American university. At his campus, he was known amongst the students for his perfect conduct.

A Christian girl studying at the university finds great interest in his outstanding behavior. She approaches him and asks him how come he behaves so well and is so respectful. He replies beautifully saying that the teachings of the religion of Islam and Ahlul Bayt [a] have guided him to maintain such fine demeanor. She invites him to her house to inquire more about Islam, but he refuses telling her that it is no appropriate. Instead he offered to speak to her in an appropriate and public setting. Once they meet, he presents to her the genuine teachings of Islam and she finds answers to her questions. Consequently, after their meeting she converts to Islam declaring the two shahadas.

Later, the marry each other in an act of religious and spiritual union. She had fallen in love not with his money, looks, or status. His beautiful manners attracted her. Soon after, although she was hesitant at first, they decide to perform the Hajj, the holy pilgrimage to Mecca, together. Upon commencing the rituals of the Hajj, the young woman becomes overwhelmed with the amazing spiritual experience. However, on the last day of rituals, while they were in Mina heading back to Mecca, the young woman finds herself lost amidst a crowd of millions of people. She searches for her husband but to no avail. Panic envelops her, for she had never been in such a crowded place. Once she loses hope she manages to find her way to Mecca and arrives at the Ka’aba. She pleads for Allah’s [swt] help in finding her husband. Suddenly a thought strikes her mind. She remembers that her husband once spoke to her about the Imams of Ahlul Bayt [a], especially the twelfth one, Imam Al-Mahdi [atf]. He had told her that is she was ever in trouble or needed assistance he was there to assist her.

She begins addressing the Imam of her time. She tells him, “Oh my master, I have come all the way here to perform the pilgrimage for the sake of Allah. Now as you see I have lost my husband. Please help me find him.” Immediately after her prayer, she sees a man with a marvelous glory around him. He approached her and asked her what her problem was. Without realizing who he was, she tells him she is looking for her lost husband. He calms her by assuring her that she will find her husband soon. She turns her head back only to see that her husband was approaching her in tears. He asked her about what had happened, and she explains to him that she implored Imam Al-Mahdi [atf] for his help. Upon learning that his master assisted them in finding each other, the young man cries “Ya Sahib Al-Zaman” and falls unconscious.

Indeed, the immeasurable mercy of Imam Al-Mahdi [atf] is so vast it encompasses everyone, especially those who beseech it and open their hearts for guidance. Although this young woman had just embraced Islam, she opened her heart for guidance, with sincerity and devotion, and she became successful in receiving the help of her master Imam Al-Mahdi [atf].

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